XPSA Spring 2020 Tryout – 7th March 2020

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Now You Are a Pro!

X-Uvia Launches Spend To Help Program

We believe football should be free to all who plays and we are leading the charge to implement free football in Canada.

I have never paid to play this amazing sport and I grew up in a much poorer country.

When the club is in a situation to sponsor players, the club can then select the player they want thus producing better talent as opposed to the current Canadian way of pay for play which result into only one thing,


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X-Uvia Launches Soccer TV Channel

XSA 2018-2019 Season Trials

XSA Professional ID and Selection Camp to Sporting Lisbon Academy In Portugal

X-Uvia Soccer Academy Prepares For Sweden Showcase

Dontaye Signs with 1º Dezembro of Portugal

Congrats to X-Uvia soccer Academy Player on Joining 1º Dezembro of Portugal. Dontaye Morris – Whittaker  is on the Radar for Sporting Lisbon! Dontaye has been very  impressive in  Portugal, despite the fact that he went to Euprope after the transfer window, his impressive performances has allowed him to crack the lineup of the current team while he awaits his time to play in January

May god bless your journey always. X-Uvia is very proud of you !!!!

Well done!


Kinawo Sindani Joins X-Uvia

Please Join me in welcoming Kinawo Sindani to the X-Uvia Family. Kinawo is a talented young man with great potential. Kinawo relocated from Vancouver to a part of the XSA movement. I admire his commitment and faith in XSA’s program where we help young talent materialize their professional aspirations!